Mary Washington Brooks has just finished her fourth CD to Date in December 2013 titled ” Blues without Walls” with the Beer Brothers band backing her musically. This CD’s title is true to itself as these all original songs can’t be forced in to a certain genre of the blues and many of them can be placed into different genre of the blues at the Same time.

These original songs come from the reality that many women live and face each day. The songs come from situations and family life that you could very easily hear or see in any neighborhood in america. I feel that once you put this CD in the player you will be pushing the replay button time and time again and laughing over and over while enjoying some kickass blues.

The recording of this CD was a lot of fun, The beer brothers band which includes Douglas Ellman on the lead guitar, Jim Keegan on bass and Ray William on percussion laughed a lot at the lyrics, they said they lived them on many ocassions and was hit in the back pocket in the end, when they got through laughing they got right down to the business of playing some kick ass blues. Special musicians Motel Mel Seba plays keyboards/organ, Stueyblue plays saxaphone and Gustavo Lezcano blew his harmonica’s like none other, this CD would be totally different without support.